Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Encounter


The driver drove me from Dara'a (Syrian border) to Ramsa (Jordanian border) after the immigration clearing.

Was supposed to take a bus to Amman but too many kind touts/ helpful taxi drivers standing around, perhaps trying to rip me off, surrounded me and talked so loudly, it was too much confused for me, I ended up decided to hitch to Amman.

The guy who picked me up was 54 years old, Jordanian man, lived in Ramsa.

'I go to Amman to meet my sadaqi' he said. Sadaqi means female friend.
'Are you married?' I asked.
'Yes, I have 9 children.'
'But you have a girl friend in Amman?' I was surprised.
'Yea, in Jordan, it is good to have one wife and one girl friend.'
'Don't your girl friend want to marry?' I curious.
'Yes, she is married.'
'hmm.. she has kids?'
'Yes, she has 2 kids.'
what a new shock. Jordan, here I am.


'You travel alone?' he asked.
'Where you sleep in Amman?'
My friend's house.
'In Syria, where you sleep?'
My friend's house.
'You have friends everywhere?'
Yes I have friends everywhere. (to him, I sleep with foreign guy everywhere)
'You married?'
Yes I married.
'You have children?'
Yes I have a daughter.
'Anytime you want to go Dead Sea or Petra, call me, I can drive you there without charge.'
Oh yea thanks. But my friend in Syria and Jordan are both female. I dont sleep with anyone and I dont have boyfriend, if my husband know he will kill me; and if I find out he has girl friend I will kill him also!! In Malaysia if we are married we cannot have boyfriend or girlfriend. I WILL KILL HIM!! I shouted loud enough to make him believe it is true, and with my facial expression, the hand horizontally across my neck.. kherkk!!
'Huh really?'
Yes of course!!

So he shut up and never mention giving me his phone number anymore. What the heck.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Enter Jordan


The immigration at Jordan hold me at the border because I have Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan visa in my passport.

The officer looked at me, over and over again.
'One minute.' he said.
I smiled back, 'okie'.

He took my visa from the counter and went into the room. One minute later, come another man holding my passport and asked,
'You been to Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan?'
'Yes.', I said.
Why? It sounds weird to me.. why? 'No why, just visit.' I replied.
'Five minutes, sit down.' He left me and went into the room again.

Five minutes later, I was sitting inside a room, with two officers of higher rank.
'You been to Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan?' Again the same question.
'Yes.', I said.
'Why?' Again.
'No why, just visit.' I said.
'Just visit?..' seems like no one can understand 'just visit'..
The following half an half an hour was the repetition of the questions..
.. do u know bin ladin? (i answer i know of course)
.. are you muslim? (no)
.. can u speak arabic? (i m very confused because I speak some arabic word but not so advance to communicate yet)
.. whats your profession (student as always)
.. where? (singapore)
.. so u are malaysian or singaporean? (who said malaysian need to study in malaysia?..)
.. but why Iran. (arghh.. )
.. where u want to go in jordan? (amman, petra, rum, dead sea..)
.. but why? (arghh..)
.. how u know bin ladin? (from TV)
.. not face to face? (arghh..)

they are sitting and chatting, leaving me sitting there, holding my passport and just dont want to let me go..

'problem?' I asked.
'no no, no problem.' they said, but still holding my passport.

Finally they let me go, after a cup of turkish coffee.. and a stamp on my passport new page!!! DAMN!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back on the road


Finally back on the road. Stayed for 2 weeks in the outskirt of Damascus, stayed for 3 weeks in Deir Mar Musa. Five weeks rest, it is time to depart again.

Fun time in Mar Musa though.. meeting weird people around. A Polish who is a joker by nature (but I hate it when he call every girl 'chick', like Malaysian chick, damn!), he travels in a super small backpack, one of the most craziest person that I have seen and the most funniest person that I have enjoyed; a German who believe that normal people who live and work are stupid, empty and shallow, who interpret poetry and listening to classical music, know about philosophy are of higher class; another German who smile but never laugh, talk and always out of topic; Csabi the Hungarian is still there, we shared some emotion together, sometimes we just went on the mountain and cry, he was my best friend there; another French guy who said my soul has its depth; another French girl who has super nice voice; a Syrian who suffered from stomach cancer but cured after the kima, who has big eyes and pale face, who said I was his best friend there; an American who is 20 years old and wanted to spend his whole life in a community without married. There are still plenty of people who you just rubbed by shoulder everyday, but I was not so open to socializing this time, so I enjoyed the stay more.

Hitchhiked back to Damascus, decided to stay a night at Damascus because of its greenish, and say hello to Rasha before I leave her country. Spring is here! The truck driver from the stone mine (name: mohamad, truck plat: 341120) that gave me a hitch ask for sex.

Enti(you) XXX sex? I cant remember the middle word in arabic but I know what he mean.
Six? Sitta (six in arabic)? I asked, pretending dont know.
No, sex, na'om (sleep). He pointed at the bed behind the driver seat.
No, no na'om. I said.
Ley (why)?
Halas (enough).
Fulus (money)? I think he is asking me how much I wanted to charge because earlier on he asked if I hitchhike because I have no money.
La afham (not understand), arabic la afham.
La afham? Sex sex, na'om.

Arghh 10 more kilometres more to Damascus, it is so annoying if I have to spend the 10 kilometers repeating the same thing.

'Well if you dont like you can stop me here. No sex' I said. Surprisingly he understood English this time! And so he let me dropped off at somewhere 3km before Attal. Damn.

Everywhere is green green green (even the rocky mountain in the desert of Mar Musa turned green!). I peed in the Sheraton Hotel, two friendly girls lead me all the wrong way to the down town.
I told them 'I know the way.'
'So courageous are you.' they said.

Last day in Syria. May be I will skip Bosra, dont really wanted to go despite knowing the theater is one of the best preserved in the world. Amman, yeah, already had a host waiting over a month time, haha.

Good that I am on the road again :) I am happy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home Sick


Chinese New Year. I miss home like crazy.
Promised myself to be at home for Chinese New Year next year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Silent for a while


Going to Mar Musa tomorrow and will be silent for sometime in the blog (no internet access there). Planning to stay for a month or two if there is nothing special happened and if I can stand the boring(ness). I think this time I am a bit different from the previous time, perhaps it is easier for me now. Plan to read bible and Quran as well. Diala gave me an English Quran that day after I gave her a shirt as her birthday present, today is her birthday.

Watched a lot of movies these days, I mean in the past 1.5 months.. Pan's Labyrinth, Edward Scissor Hands, Burn After Reading, Ocean Eleven, Juno, Mary and Max (x2), Fargo, Hitchhiker Guidebook to the Galaxy (half way), Cold Mountain, Dream in America, Old Boy, West Beirut, The Reader, Sicko, Silk, .. I believe there are more but I have forgotten the name..

By the way, uploaded some pictures on my flickr (finally), check it out if you like..

Had a horrible dream last night, nightmare I would like to call it. Unable to speak a word after woke up. I think it was because I covered my face with the scarf last night before I slept. Had been dreaming these two days.

Tomorrow, will be taking a bus to Nabek, and then hitch hike to MarMusa, wont be hitchhiking all the way this time. Too lazy.

Nothing much to say, till then. Wish me good luck.