Saturday, April 24, 2010

The South Cairo Trip


First night, at Shakshouk near Lake Qarun, we lay the sleeping bag in the field and hanged the mosquito net, 3 person came, pointing the torch at our face and told us to move because there might be snake in the field! They offer us to sleep in their house and we ended up sleeping outside the corridor.

Second night, at a cemetery near al-Minya, we setup the beds in the cemetery, 7 person came and pointing their torch into our face, chased us away. We ended up sleeping in an abandoned house just at the edge of al-Minya.

Third night, in a village called al-Minsha, we sleep behind the road, found a donkey standing 3 meter away from me when I opened my eyes the next morning.

Forth night, finally back to Cairo and get the chance to take shower! My shirt changed from color to colorless, bath tub filled with dirty water from my body.

Was traveling to south of Cairo with Gabor in the past few days, from Saqqara to Al Fayyoum to Beni Hassan to Asyut, Sohag and Abydos. It was a more conservative region and I heard too much about police escorting and other issues, I knew he will be a good companion helping me get rid of all this problem.

And now get back to Alexandria. We didnt argue much throughout the journey, which make me felt more stranger than before. It could be I have accepted him as a person, or I no longer care to tell him what is so wrong. Nevertheless I enjoyed the adventure and uncertainties when travel on the road.

Too bad I have too much coffee last night, and I cant sleep for the whole night, and found that I am a bit disorder in organizing especially someone told me that I actually suffer from Attention Deficit Dysfunction disease, which make me cant concentrate at some point of the time. And the only treatment is taking Amphetamine, which I dont think I am ready to do so.. haha

what the hell.. continue next time, I will sleep a bit, although it is already 840am.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

My travel teacher


It was a surprised to meet Gabor again in Cairo. I thought we wont be seeing each other for the rest of the life after we split from Mar Musa, as he is heading to Jordan and I was on my way to Lebanon, but he ended up spending more than 2 months in Israel, so we met again.

I was a bit hesitating to meet him at the beginning as he consumed lots of my emotion energy last time when we were traveling together, but as time passed, guessed I have accepted him as a person rather than trying to fit him into the category of a good person or an ethical traveler.

Spending half a day in Cairo reminded me so much about the time we were traveling together, we ran up a random bus to ask for direction, argued with the guard to enter the citadel, entered the park with the used ticket, hitched in the middle of the city. When he held up his hand with the thumb pointing up, I cant help smiling, it was such a familiar gesture, I guess I missed hitch hiking a bit.

And yes, still a teacher to me, telling me where to go and where to skip in Europe, teaching me how to hop and where to hop on the train for better opportunity to get free ride, showing me website to get information on living cheap. He doesn't change much, still with some judgement and preconception, but I shall return him the justice by not judging him too much too.

It is good to meet him this time, with a new perspective of mine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For those that received my email or friends in Facebook probably already noticed my change of plan.. I have a ticket to Manchester an the end of the month, a region that was never in my travel list before -- the western Europe. Will be hitchhiking and couchsurfing hopefully across the region from West to East until Turkey, then continue my plan to Nepal and India. I am still not sure how am I going to survive by such a small amount of budget I have (300dollar a month), but I pray that the weather is good and the people are good so I can sleep in the wood or beg for some hospitality.

Back in Cairo, my friend's house, doing some research about hitch hiking in Europe. Well nervous to start, yet excited by the other type of possible lifestyle on the road. Wonder what is that going to be and how to rough it to the end. But the most uncertain part is still if the England immigration will let someone who has no job and no money to enter their country, even though Malaysian need no visa to enter the country. I wonder what will happen if they decided not to give me the entry stamp, perhaps they will send me back? It too seems excited to me if this is what will happen. I am waiting for it.

Had no idea on how Europe looks like till yesterday.. oh so it looks like this.

I dont play any instrument, no not at all. I learned harmonica, piano and guitar before but I hardly can play a song. I play no fire or juggling or magic and tell no joke. Am I stucked? May be I can sing.. but I can only sing 2 songs - Sultane Ghalbam a Farsi song and Voyageur a French song. I wanted to learn an english song but I am yet to find out the lyric. Perhaps I shall find out also the full lyric of Rasa Sayang, I only know the first verse.

Still wish that they will let me enter the country. Besides jobless and moneyless, I have been to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, I am almost sure that this will be another good reason rejecting me. What a complicated life.

Manchester - London - France - Switzerland - Italy - Austria - Germany - Poland - Czech - Slovekia - Hungary - Slovenia - Croatia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Macedonia - Albania - Turkey

Do you think the above route sounds good for 3 months? I think I can only stay a total of 3 months from France to Albania. Left out the Scandanavia, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark. Wanted to spend more time in the east but they said I should not miss Italy. I heard it is so hard to hitchhike in Italy though.. I dont really want to go France and Switzerland but will pass by both of them anyway I guess. I do want to go to Germany.

But first of all I hope I can enter Manchester without problem, or we can skip all the conversation/ discussion/ planning.

Okie, it was a full day I sit in front of the computer checking where is my old friend (yuki)'s house in London, how should I hitch from this motorway, change to that motorway and this motorway etc, sore eyes sore eyes. And I need to buy a marker pen, it seems like you need to use a cardboard make a sign indicating your destination; and preferably a Malaysian flag to let someone know you are a foreigner. May be I can draw the Malaysian flag myself, I hope I still remember how to draw one. And then when someone ask me about the friend in London, I soon realized that everytime we talk about old friend, we used to say 'we were friend for 10 years', but hey, it is almost 20 years. Arghhh LAO LIAO!!

But still, the most important thing is -- let me enter please, I wont be illegal worker I swear, and I promise I wont be a suicide bomber, I love my life, I just want to travel.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dilemma again..


Since my mum is here, I was thinking it is a good time to reduce my luggage by asking her carry the extra stuff back home.

Now I have 2 cameras, 1 DSLR and one digital camera. Was thinking to let her carry the DSLR back home, by this I will reduce a lot of weight, and start to travel like someone collecting memory than collecting pictures.

Yet, too much desire to showoff in the future making me reluctant to let go.

What do u think?