Monday, May 31, 2010

Hashish, Whore and Van Gogh


First of all I have to say-- I really dont like the smell of Hashish, it is everywhere here. ARghh!

Already in Amsterdam. Went to a shop selling seeds and mushroom truffles (which is said readily to eat), they have seeds and mushrooms from all over the world, I am surprised that Thailand produced mushrooms as well. Drug is common and legal, which I see this no wrong, like drinking and smoking, just a personal choice. That day a driver told me every dutch family can have 5 plants for their own consumption. Another truck driver, who is a muslim from Morocco picked me up, before I ask him what does he think about drug since he is a muslim, he told me he had a handful in his truck. And start telling me he believed when the time is right, GOD will make him change. The Dutch plant the weed but import hash from Lebanon and Morocco, even some from Belgium. The driver said it is funny that Belgens go to Amsterdam to consume in fact they are the one exporting the product.

And I walked around the red light district. Each small door keeps a whore, walked across a few streets and discovered different quality among streets. Some part have young, blonde and pretty girl; some have black and shapeless girl; some have agua. Anyway shapeless in the modern eyes can be sexy in the past, as the painting on women in the medieval period are all fat with big and loose tummy. Including our ancester Eve and the God of love Venus. Perhaps in the modern day some still appreciate this kind of ancient beauty.

Holland is definitely well-known for Van Gogh, but his Starry Night is not in this museum, what a shame. When I was in London, was telling Yuki that I cant understand what is so special about Van Gogh, the yellow chair, the red crabs etc, dont they look just normal? Perhaps he is well-known for his life story rather than for his painting. But guess I was too wrong. The museum was a good one, showcase his painting from the beginning when he decided to became an artist to the end of his life. A good chronological order to understand how his painting and mind changed across time, easily convinced me he is a real master. And he is a real master.

The journalist card do get me a free ticket to Van Gogh museum (14Euro saved) and Foam (photography museum, 8Euro saved), but it cant get me into the World Press Photo Exhibition and Erotic museum, another shame. The guy sitting at the counter in the Erotic museum look at me and say, so what, everybody pay for the museum. :-(

Will be departing to Germany tomorrow. It is only Rotterdam and Amsterdam in Holland. Holland is a beautiful country though.. things are cheaper than Belgium. Later will try to blackride a train back to where I stay. Please pray that I wont get caught or it will be 35Euro fine. Anyway I only have less than 2 Euro in my wallet.

Next stop is Bochum, a friend is there, wanted to visit her and see her new baby! Take care. Till then.


p/s: if the way I am traveilng disgust you, I am REALLY REALLY sorry. (feel free to voice out!)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Luckily went to Brussel, it was really nice, nicer than Edinburgh, at least to me. But everything here cost, it cost to enter a museum, it cost to pee, it cost to store a luggage. So I used the journalist card from Khao San (and sent by my mum to London) to enter a museum, pee in the museum, and hide my luggage in a bush in the residencial area. Pay to pee is the most inhumane thing I can think off, how can you forbidden peeing anywhere yet charge for toilet? We are less free than a dog.

They told me I MUST try Belgium frittes (french fries), it is the best in the world. Belgen are best for their chocolate, beer and fries. I regretted that I tries it, how different can a potato tastes if it is still called potato? And it costs a bloody 3 pound. I saw the same frittes in Rotterdam just now, it was 30 cent euro. Crazy.

Belgium is expensive for food.. someone told me they are tax up to 21%.

Hitchhiking is not that hard after UK. Well that day when I hitch across from UK to France, I was offer a lift by a Turkish driver. Damn it yes Turkish driver. I was a bit reluctant but the day was getting dark. And as expected, after so many months of not expecting someone asking for sex, this driver asked. Turkish, almost 99.9% you get the same question. Sian.

Well alright. Shall write more when I have time, perhaps when I get to Amsterdam. The time in library to use to internet is running out and I almost got to prepare to depart for my day to Amsterdam... luckily now the day turned dark quite late, around 10pm, so I have plenty of time reaching a city late yet able to move around freely and comfortably.

Too bad although marijuana is legal in Holland, it wasnt so cheap, perhaps i wont try.. :)

bye bye

Monday, May 24, 2010










近来看了几部片,最印象深刻的是12Angry Men,非常经典的黑白片,直接表达社会如何塑造我们;Synecdoche, New York耐人寻味却看不懂。







Saturday, May 22, 2010

Serial Killer


The weather is getting more and more hot, I finally took off the inner layer pant that given by Yuki, also the purple sweater, the reason I need to go back to London, to return the stuffs to the owner ;)

Enjoy hitch hiking more and more these days, getting more patient and accepting those that giving me a lift is the one that planned, that have something to share with; and instead of complaining the coldness of the UK people, I appreciated those who see me as harmful and a chance for good culture exchange.

After some people questioning and telling me the dangerousness of hitch hiking, in this country which almost fully equipped with cameras, I finally came across the serial killer in the movie. That they said I will meet one day, and I will lost forever because no one is expecting me, I have no hotel booking, no friend, no scheduled buses or train, there will be no trace of see guat tham.

That day I was on my way to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. A former teacher, who is a car deliverer now (because he had an operation to remove a tumor in his throat and thus loss his voice and quit teaching) dropped me in a service station somewhere near M50. I took my time have my late lunch (pieces of raisin bread with honey and cheese, follow with a big bar of chocolare), and change my cardboard to 'CARDIFF'. I stood near the gas station, within 15 minutes, a truck stopped (it is not common for truck to stop in UK because of the insurance issue -- they wont cover if there is a passenger who is non employee in the truck) and say he can drop me at New Port, somewhere 12 miles away from Cardiff.

I climbed inside the truck, the driver has a strong accent I cant fully understand what he said. He told me he traveled to New York before and met another truck driver, traveling together and the American truck driver wanted to offer him a job. He said he cant get the job because the world shares the same criminal record system, and he committed crime before.

'The world shares the criminal record system?' I asked.
'But I think unless you committed some serious crime. Did you kill someone?'

Damn. My whole body freezed.
So this is the serial killer that my friend always talk about, who will drive me to a small road, for no reason, not even bother to sexual abuse me, just for the pleasure to kill and seeing the color of the blood stained the road.
'You killed someone?' I asked again, carefully.


Well I wish to write more but it is late now. Need to sleep as tomorrow will be again a long day on the road, hitching from Cardiff to London. There is a football match in London so hopefully there are plenty of cars going there. Will be staying in London as short as possible, moving to Europe soon, hopefully to head to Eastern Europe straightaway, guess I have not much time for western europe. Is a hard decision to make though.. or may be I shall fly.

Till then, hope the killer story makes up your day ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



After heard for such a long time, finally I was in a squat for 2 nights and eating skipped food. The squat is in Edinburgh and most houses are on top of trees, they are there initially to protest the construction of a new motorway, and they are still there now because the owner of the land (Edinburgh University) has to spend too much money to remove the houses from the tree (following British regulation) and is not worth to do that.

These people are of different ages, mostly 20(ies), building new tree houses, skip for food, some have job but others not. Anyone can just go and stay, but be warned, it is damn cold at night! I have heard of skipping (dumpster diving) for long time. I did not participate this time as well, when they say they are going for picnic, I requested to follow. The food are already out from the bin, 3 girls sat on the grass with a huge pack of food, beside that is 2 whole boxes of mint kit kat. All from the bin. I heard before how wasteful is the country, I saw it by myself. Cookies, crackers, celery, onions, cheese, breads, bacon, chocolate, milk, juices, crackers, smooked fish. You wont believe it if you did not see it by yourself.

One fine day we opened the bin, it was full of cheddar cheese, underneath the layer of cheddar cheese was butter, underneath that was bacon, the young Scottish boy who lived in the squat for over a year told me.

My friend wasn't easy with the way I travel. May be you should go back, earn money and then come out, she suggested. How would you travel if you have no money?! I guessed my travel style disturbed her. I wanted to tell her that I wouldnt spend money on a lot of thing even if I have money, should not encourage capitalism. She must think that I am crazy.

Going to leave UK soon, not a place for me certainly, not because of the price but the lacking of the taste of human being. I am lucky I am not born here.

Friday, May 14, 2010



First of all, I have a new look on my profile! Isn't it look good ;-)

Secondly, I am in Edinburgh. Who told me Edinburgh is beautiful?... Hmm.. to be frank I dont really like the place, too depressing for me, dimmed dark cathedral and churches, quiet streets, very much like what we read in Holmes, rainy and cloudy and ghostly (although Holmes based in London), BUT.. I have 2 young couple as my host, they are super awesome and really bright my day up!!

Have a hard day from Leeds to Edinburgh though.. (again) a hard day, but still successfully reached the destination before the day turned dark. Was sent by the traffic police to the service station when I was hitching on the motorway, which I dont realised because the double carriadge just get to upgraded to the motorway. The policemen were kind, they gave me water and self-heated food because they are afraid that I might not get a ride until the day turned dark and need something to eat ;) I am too 'sua gu' to never see a self heated food before, but I gave it to the next truck driver that gave me a ride, that truck driver is going to get married next month, he got a wife through a dating website, a women from China.

Found hitchhiking in the UK is extremely hard, in average waited for 1.5 hours to get a lift, sometimes it can be a short lift. Quite depressing. Might just skipped the whole western Europe and heading to the east, especially after I scrutinized the map of Europe, man it is huge! and I might not have enough time (only have time until October).

Up to now,.. well the 'advanced' country still not my cup of tea.. I can imagine how many artifact I am going to see later when I step in the National Museum of Scotland, I missed the museum in Tehran where you get some important thing but not overwhelmed. The National Gallery can be good as well, but again.. too much for me to digest always.

The only thing I like about here is, you can ask any question you want. 'There is no stupid question here', my friend told me. I felt free to ask anything from the plant to a word on the signboard to the culture to whatever simple thing I can think of, and people answer you without giving you a weird stare. That's what I love here.

Well it is sunshine outside (rare sunshine) and I need to go out before the sky covered by grey cloud again. The weather in the UK is simply awful and I will have doubt if people dont suffer from depression. This is definitelt not my place.

(just after I type the above sentence, the sunshine is gone! arghh)

Till then.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tough day


Reached Leeds at 6pm.
Less than 400km road, loser(ly) 9 hours.
Took 3 hours to get out from London.
Finally on the right sliproad to M1 where there is a pullway for car, a Spanish picked me up.
Shall drop at a service station but the Spanish dropped me at a point off M1.
No traffic from that road to M1, waited for more than one and a half hour to get a jamaican british who is about to doze off to pick me up. We chatted a lot to keep him awake..
He dropped me at somewhere 80miles to Leeds. With wide pullway, but no one stop for another 1.5 hours. I dunno why.
Rain started and I added my clothing.. warm hat, scarf. Shivering.
No one stop still.
Finally one Taiwanese stopped, he is heading to Nottingham only, I asked him to drop me at the nearest service station.
Right at the service station, I pointed my thumb up, a car stopped. Going to Leeds. Bingo!

Monday, May 10, 2010






ps:来伦敦很爽的事,是吃到酱青,还有cili padi。

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Sunday, May 2, 2010



For those did not get my email, already arrived in London yesterday afternoon. Hitch hike from Manchester, not as easy as in the Middle East but doable. We have so much chat and chat and chat; food and food and food. I think I will gain weight here.

Saying byebye


Walking in the town of Rosetta, I felt myself blessed. I have lost this feeling since few months ago, thinking of going back home, settling down etc etc.,now I cant imagine if the ticket 2 days later is to Kathmandu rather than Manchester, will I hesitate in boarding the plane? It was supposed heading to the end of the story, but I am about to turn a new page and wait to read a new line.

We said bye bye this morning. Did I tell you that I met Gabor, my travel partner in Syria again in Egypt? We travelled together for the past one week, it was much easier this time, I mean say good bye. When he said 'chao chao', I felt myself in an orchestra, the conductor waived the last note, everything ceased. I think this time it is a good ending, I love to be ended like this.

Despite all the arguements we always fought into, his critical attitude, stereotyping and jumping fast into conclusion, self centered that annoyed me, he is a great teacher with a simple desire to teach, even for the thing that you already know (sometimes he makes you think that in his mind, you must be an idiot). It is very funny (yes funny) to see one with a mindset 'if i am wrong, there is always a reason; if you are wrong, that's because you are stupid'. But I am able to survive with him for so long, through him, I learned how to deal with my own frustration, how to be more patient and have more compassion. He dragged me out of my matrix, it is a challenge to expand the tolerance. So this time, I really like him as a person, this view make traveling with him easier, I was no longer attached to him like the first time in Syria, we are two individuals that mature enough to go on our own way when the show ended.

Reminded me a French song talking about voyageur, one of the thing that vovageur learned (if i spell correctly), 'nous sarions plier bagage, lorsque l'amour sefini' (we would know how to pack our luggage, when love is over).