Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally a warm bed


Phew. So I am in Trondheim now. Wet weather still, but I am not cold ;-)
Someone replied to my emergency couch request in Trondheim. I love couchsurfing!

So I shall spend sometime to tell you what had happened in the past few days. I was in the Arctic circle for 5 nights. The first night was in Finland, I have told the story in my previous post. 2nd night was in Alta, a town in Northern Norway. Got invited by a girl to stay in her house. Warm bed, warm meals, midnight sun. It was awesome to find that Norweigen are not as cold as rumour, they are helpful and friendly. 3rd night I put my tent in a private house, which the old lady has no problem with it at all, and it rained that night. The forth night I put the tent in a parking area, it pour like hell even until the next day. The tent soaked and still soaking in water now, I have no idea how shall I dry it. I was all wet using my sleeping mat to cover my head as I have tied my raincoat to my tent (still it dripped). The fifth night I stayed in the storeroom as mentioned in last post, hard floor, but without rain and wind. And I am out from the Arctic Circle.

The day still dont get dark, but it gets darker for some hour at night. The day before I was staying in a smoking hut outside a factory. They dont lock it at night, there are narrow couches. I slept without able to turn my body, but still it is good, as there is not rain and wind. And I went to the tourist information centre for free internet, posted an emergency couch request, I need to dry my socks and I need something hot, and definitely a good sleep.

The first thing I arrived at my host's house, cook instant noodle! haha. But yesterday was the darkest day in my hitchhiking record, waited 5 hours under the rain for a ride. Crazy.

Oh yea, did I tell you that I lost my warm cloth and my cap? So now I only left with one jacket, which is supposed to be waterproof, but it no longer works after such a long time on the road. I had almost everything wearing on my body, so my backpack is so light now, almost only with food. And it will be lighter after I leave behind my tent, which I am still going to carry it for a while.

Oh and did I tell you I finally do food skipping? I can see the reaction on your face. That day a lady dropped me off at one cross road at Bjerkvik. I was hungry thinking what shall I do next, and I walked pass this supermarket in the gas station, and I saw some bags in the bin. So automatically I went to the bin, open it and found loads of breads, biscuits and potato chips. I took one pack of baguette, 2 pack of biscuits, one pack of potato chips and one pack of salad. Still last until now. I wish I found cheese if I ever skipped next time. I found myself felt awkward when I wanted to say 'yea I skipped', which I dont think that is really something to be ashamed of, at the sametime I can imagine how you think when you read this. Haha.

By the way, I felt that Norweigen is the most lucky people in the world. They have first class scenery, and first class lifestyle; first class income, social care system. I never wish that I am somebody else after such a long time on the road, but I do wish that I am a Norweigen after visited this beautiful country.

Hope that someone will reply to my emergency couch in Bergen, but tomorrow will definitely be another day in the wild. After Bergen, will be visiting a Penangite in Stavanger, we met on the boat from Aqaba to Nuweiba, I know I will have warm bed again ;)

Till then.

Oh by the way again, that day while I was queuing in a shop in the gas station, I saw the price of 6 eggs -- 37 KR (1Euro = 7.5 KR) I guessed there must be gold inside.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rain rain rain


My first camping night was in Lappland, Finland. Beyond the Arctic Circle. To congratulate my new camping life, millions of mosquitoes sing for me and the sky opened whole night champagne to celebrate for me. Since then, I have carried the rain with me for the past few days, in a not-waterproof tent.


Soaking and spending the whole night pouring out the rain water from the tent; utilized all the cups I have to collect water..

So last night I decided not to sleep in the tent anymore after 3 nights of tent. I slept in a store room near the toilet in the tourist information center. They told me it will be locked at 730pm, so I found the room and set my bed there. They closed the center for the night not noticing me inside the storeroom. I have a warm night.

Looking for places again tonight... Arghh.. I guessed this is the ultimate utmost torturing kind of traveling style!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The west


It was a sudden rain last evening in Helsinki and within an hour, the city started to flood. I walked under the rain looking for shelter and walked over the ankle height crossroad. This is Helsinki, other than the nice building, it reminded me Yangon rainy day, with the only different -- no rubbish on the water and no holes on the streets. I guess any Finnish will find this insulting, to compare Finland with Myanmar, what a joke.

The propaganda on the west are so much wrong, at least for what I understood while I havent been here, they are suppose to be free and open, but in real they were very much restricted, so many rules here make people lost the flexibility.

Two times in Helsinki, someone shouted at me when I intended to cross the road while the red man is still red. There are no cars. It was embarassing but I am not sure from where the shame came from. Our society made us think that those who dont obey is supposed to feel bad on themself?

In a lot of countries here, you are not supposed to walk on the street with an open bottle of alcohol, which I am not sure if it is the same back home, but I did have an open bottle alcohol while walking on Malaysia/ Singapore street before. So we ended up secretly picnic behind some bushes in the early morning with a bottle of dark beer.

There are CCTV everywhere on the street in UK and Poland, reminded me Singapore, and they are more extreme than Singapore. Now I know why there are so little news about human right issue in Singapore in the international media, they are the same.

Before I came, I thought everyone here having affair, cheating and it is an open secret. It was not true, it was only the plot that movies adapted, but the idea spread across the east. There are a lot of divorce and single parents though, this is the only thing that I got it correctly.

Well need to stop now, need to go to Jyväskylä today, if everything is smooth it supposed to be 3 hours from Helsinki. The Malaysian I was staying with felt so amazed by my travel, haha. Till then.

p/s : of course I shouldnt compare Helsinki with Yangon, Helsinki wasnt a place with a lot of rain thus the system wasnt ready for that. It wasnt a fair comparison, but I do think about it when it happened.

Thursday, July 8, 2010



Yup, I am in Helsinki.

Traveling in Baltic area for the past 6 days, 3 countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) which dont really look like Europe, a lot of wooden house and forest, quite and layback places.

People are nice, hard to hitchhike on the big roads, but small roads are always easy.

Had a ride with an Olympic player while I was traveling from Inculkans to Sigulda, dont bother about where they are, these are really small places in Latvia. He played Skeleton in the Olympic. At first, he told me he is an athlete, so I joked 'you play in Olympic?', the answer is surprisingly a yes.

One crazy experience today, but not convenient to share in public, will tell you when we have chance to meet.

Helsinki is beautiful, touristy.
Fine and clean, but unable to blackride public transport. The disadvantage.

Stayed with a Malaysian who is doing his master here.

2 nights and I will leave Helsinki, wanted to go north, wanted to go Lappland, Arctic circle, North Cape.

Wanted to try Finnish sauna, for sure. Wanter to do some skipping (dumpster diving) in Finland, they said it is easy, you can skip a laptop here.
They said.

Monday, July 5, 2010



Hey I am in Ogre now and going to Tallinn tomorrow. Will be camping somewhere tonight as I have a new tent with me. In Tallinn too will need to camp as I dont have a host.

From Tallinn going to Helsinki and there I have already had a fellow Malaysian to host me, he is from Alor Setar. Wont be able to online as frequent but will be okie. Lost my phone on the way to Poznan so now I am living without time and alarm, it is so weird when you wake up in the morning and guessing the time, and since we have such a long day here, you always guess the time wrongly. There will be midnight sun in scandanavia, looking forward towards it.

It is very hot in Ogre, I just learned to setup the 6 euro tent this morning, but it was cool. Till next time!

Ciao, tham