Sunday, November 28, 2010


Wahaha. Okie. I admit that I am a loser. Still wanted to blog, although I am writing my long last entry, but long way before I can finish it, may be I couldn't finish it even after I ended my travel.

In Hampi now. Nice place, expensive town. Had been in India more than a month. I love India, but it is nothing the same as I love China, Iran, Pakistan or Norway. The first Indian city that I fall in love is Bombay, so chaotic and dirty, people live everywhere on the street, no shelter, no food, but reproducing. Amazing huh. Not really Varanasi, I almost hate Agra and Jaipur. Not the majestic caves of Ellora and Ajanta, but city. May be I am utterly a city girl who cannot escape the urban life. However, the second place that I fall in love is Gokarna. A religious small town on the est coast somewhere 2 hours from Goa, only beach and waves. Holy town, everywhere are holy cows and holy dungs. I stepped on them countless time, sometimes almost slip. The room I was in was dark and stuffy, I only killed 3.5 cockroaches there.

The most amazing thing I noticed in India is most foreigners came here to find enlightenment or path to enlightenment. They told me about the baba that can look into your soul and tell your mind. I remember an Indian friend told me some Indian can rape you with their eyes. I laughed out loud when a girl told me the baba look into her soul, but was considered rude and impolite. Sometime, people tell you about energy and how universe works, tell you about no fear and how to set out on the road etc etc. Perhaps I am not spiritual at all, most of the time I found what they said is funny, to some extent just to fulfill their desire of good feeling. Other time I found myself too ego to accept other's perception.

Met a 66 years old Norwegian guy last night who claimed to have enormous of healing power. Will go for his healing today or tomorrow. I do felt his energy last night when he joined the table. Before yesterday, whenever I felt this kind of strange feeling, where the point on top of my head felt numb, I told my mum there is ghost nearby.