Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Damn. I love traveling and still loving it. Sent a text to BH before boarding --as soon as I see the plane I am boarding, I have the urge to jump and shout -- it makes me feel free.

I have so much unnamed confidence in hitting the road. Arrived in Tana Toraja early this morning, the land of special burial ceremony. They call that Pesta. Someone invited me for the famous Toraja coffee, topping with fried banana. Offered me free stay too but I am too afraid to accept it. Found the place holding Pesta from tourist information center, heading there with small backpack (thanks to limited cabin luggage that AirAsia allowed forcing me to reduce my backpack to <7kg) and without guide (it is possible to go without guide but remember to bring gift and ask for the person to give it to). Spending 90k Rp for kretek (RM30, cigarette; or 4k of sugar is good for one person) as gift. Sacrifices of pigs and buffaloes follow up with tea and snacks. Men chopped the sacrificed in pieces for distribution. Then started the praising of God (they are Protestant), singing (I heard the Bahasa Indonesian version of my favorite song - I know who holds tomorrow). People started crying. Governor started speaking -- telling the parents to take care of their your girl below 17 who join the 'gang moto' (strange speech). Lunch started -- the buffaloes that were kills (some body cover with their tahi and with millions of flies--which fly onto your body, hair and face if you walk closer). Eating with the smell of tahi lembu around but the kerbau meat is damn good (I have tried it a few times before but this is the best i have had). The continue the potong-potong of buffalo head. Rain started pouring down and I tumpang (hitch) a ride back to town. Bargained for a good room with hot water for 80kRp a day (promise a 3 days stay) including breakfast. I have checked almost all places to stay in town and I am satisfied with the value of money. I think I really enjoy traveling and still enjoy it, that is why you see this entry.

Take care ;)

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