Monday, May 30, 2016


1. 萧莱11点多说生日快乐时,我说迟了,我早收到第一则祝福,是新竹捐血中心。

2. 晚上到一家高级餐厅吃盘子,两人花过半万,旁边两组一家四口,也不像过节或庆生,家常饭一顿就吃了20万。高级餐厅菜色普普,高丽菜炒得没有路边摊好吃,还叫人心痛。胃知道了于是不愿意消化,早上例常呕胃酸呕出来黑鲔鱼。


Saturday, May 28, 2016


Started to digitize diaries on the road. I can foresee it will take some time but glad that the work at least started. Now I know I arrived at Palmyra at night and met the Netherlands E&E. It was just the 2nd day me and G traveled together and things already getting worse. Other than that, there is no reason anyone won't fall in love with this oasis on the ancient silk road. It reappeared in the news when Assad took over Palmyra from ISIL few months ago, the already ruins was not destroyed as reported.